Rocket Lasso Live Season 2 Episode 26

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Jul 08th, 2020
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Here is episode twenty six of season two of Rocket Lasso live! In these live streams I take questions about Cinema 4D and motion graphics from the live chat of YouTube and Twitch and attempt to answer as many as I can, the best I can. Want to catch a future stream live? Be sure to follow Rocket Lasso’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

Season Two Episode Twenty Six scene files via Patreon

Blast off!

Tinkering with Paint Peeling
00:01:36 Not too far with it.

Aluminum and Mercury
00:21:28 Pushing Softbodies in a new way. Works well!
Reference: NileRed

Text Wrapping Around an Object
00:32:35 Spline Wrap and Cloner goodness
Artist: Tobiasrasch Bacher

Stick a Texture to UVs While Parametric(ish)
00:44:42 Takes a lot of exploring, but this is some solid effort on locking the UVs and still driving the mesh with the parametric setup. Expect a future tutorial!

Originally Aired July 8th, 2020

Rocket Lasso Live is a 2 hour live show where viewers ask questions about the 3D software Cinema 4D



Software used:
Cinema 4D S22

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