Rocket Lasso Live Season 2 Episode 17

Posted by Chris Schmidt on May 06th, 2020
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Here is episode seventeen of season two of Rocket Lasso live! In these live streams I take questions about Cinema 4D and motion graphics from the live chat of YouTube and Twitch and attempt to answer as many as I can, the best I can. Want to catch a future stream live? Be sure to follow Rocket Lasso’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

Season Two Episode Seventeen scene files via Patreon

Blast off!

Control the Length of Hair with Fields?
00:00:47 Control the Length of Hair with Fields via a Vertex Map!

“Pixel Sorting” Type Style
00:05:00 Using Hair to extract the colors from an image and create stylish streaks.

Create Clones on the Tips of Hairs.
00:37:52 Proper combination of settings on Hair to clone onto the tips!

Exploding Kiwi Tests
00:43:06 Using a series of layers of Cloth to explode a Kiwi!
Artist: Tyson Ibele

Using ‘Light’ to Grow Plants
01:19:34 Seemingly none of the shaders work for it, but we can place a Cone Field in the same position. Even get the setup to slowly accumulate and smoothly grow.

Why Boole + Bevels Sometimes Break and how to Fix it.
01:42:17 Those dang edges points!

Morph on Displacement (Crystal Pants)
01:52:23 Displacement with Noise Driven with Fields
Artist: Ben Watts

Utterly Failing to Translate UV Color Islands onto a Texture.

Originally Aired May 6th, 2020

Rocket Lasso Live is a 2 hour live show where viewers ask questions about the 3D software Cinema 4D



Software used:
Cinema 4D R22

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