Rocket Lasso Live Season 2 Episode 14

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Apr 08th, 2020
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Here is episode fourteen of season two of Rocket Lasso live! In these live streams I take questions about Cinema 4D and motion graphics from the live chat of YouTube and Twitch and attempt to answer as many as I can, the best I can. Want to catch a future stream live? Be sure to follow Rocket Lasso’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

Season Two Episode Fourteen scene files via Patreon

Blast off!

Guest Rick Barrett from Maxon!

Topics tackled:

Upcoming C4D Live Presentations
00:01:31 With the cancellation of NAB, Maxon is still doing presentations from!
I will be presenting on Wednesday April 22nd 2020 at 2:00PM (CST)!
Here is my presentation!

A Stylized Tail Attached at a Set Point
00:12:14 Hard to explain, but pretty neat! A little MoSpline too!
Artist – Henrique Barone

A Chat About Turtle Mode in MoSpline
00:24:49 Little MoExtrude action.

Springy Drip
00:31:40 We wander around a lot of different tangents in this bit.

Texture Two Different Sides of a Cloth Surface Differently
01:10:36 Good little question! Find a nice answer quickly too!

Inflating Bubbles Surface (The hard way)
01:21:36 The idea might be here… don’t quite get there though…
Bunch of fun animations
Artist – mhsprod

Emitting Dynamic Cans
01:24:05 Emitters, Cloners, madness!

Displacing Volume Meshes (Then just playing with Mograph)
01:58:04 We start in a specific direction… then go off the rails!
UA Process Reel
Artist – Renzo Reyes

Originally Aired April 8th, 2020

Rocket Lasso Live is a 2 hour live show where viewers ask questions about the 3D software Cinema 4D



Software used:
Cinema 4D R21

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