Rocket Lasso Live Season 1 Episode 11

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Jun 05th, 2019
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The eleventh episode of Rocket Lasso live! In these live streams I take questions about Cinema 4D and motion graphics from the live chat of YouTube and Twitch and attempt to answer as many as I can, the best I can. Want to catch a future stream live? Be sure to follow Rocket Lasso’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel.

Season One Episode Eleven scene files via Patreon

Blast off!

XP Dynamic Strings (Stumped)
00:01:23 We succeed for the first part, but can’t stop it from stretching!
Early Access Update – xpDynamics

Double Displacers
00:19:00 Classic technique I’ve talked about before. Twooooo displacers.
Artist: Miki Nemcek

Neon Lights on Organic Towers
00:34:12 Taking a slice of a neon filled image we stripe up some XP Branching Volume-Merged Geo and make it sparkle!
Reference: ҉ ҉.·๑ඕ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ั ҉ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉:
Artist: Zouassi

Reflecting Different Colors (Stumped)
01:23:49 Mysterious reflecting of interesting pastel colors! We try a reflection trick, but it does not work.
36 Days of Type – O
Artist: Han.del Eugene

Xpresso Rig: Spin faster the faster the object moves.
01:31:29 Xpresso! Getting the velocity of an object to drive it’s spin. We even build a reset and a make sure it’s additive.

Making the edge of an object glow.
01:59:35 Making edges of an cube (Or any object) glow.

Originally Aired June 5th, 2019

Rocket Lasso Live is a 2 hour live show where viewers ask questions about the 3D software Cinema 4D



Software used:
Cinema 4D R20

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