How to bring Real Life Objects into Cinema 4D: Photogrammetry Start to Finish

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Jan 21st, 2020
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In this FIRST tutorial by Chris Schmidt for Rocket Lasso, he teams up with Aaron Covrett to take you from the start to finish through the process of using photogrammetry to bring a real-life object into your 3D workflow. We tackle valid candidate objects, taking your photos, photogrammetry, mesh cleanup, retopography, UV unwrapping, texture transfer, texture cleanup, adding detail to textures, and bringing it all back into Cinema 4D with Redshift!

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00:00:05 – Intro (With Aaron Covrett)
00:02:20 – What is a valid object?
00:08:05 – Taking your photos
00:12:43 – Meshroom (Photogrammetry)
00:22:10 – Preparing your model (Cinema 4D)
00:42:20 – Retopography (3DCoat / Instant Meshes)
00:55:46 – UV Unwrapping (Cinema 4d / RizomUV)
01:14:59 – Transfer Material between meshes (Cinema 4D)
01:22:25 – Clean up your texture (Photoshop)
01:38:39 – Add the next level to your texture (Substance Painter)
02:00:32 – Build your materials (Cinema 4D with Redshift)
02:05:16 – Outro (With Aaron Covrett)
02:07:07 – Support Rocket Lasso

If you make anything fun inspired by techniques in this tutorial, be sure @me on Instagram or Twitter. See you next time!


Music: Ronald Jenkees

What inspired Aaron to do reflection for UV transfer:

Software used:
Cinema 4D
Other Photogrammetry Software
Instant Meshes
Substance Painter

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