Create Your Own Low Poly Looks: Cinema 4D Tutorial

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Oct 30th, 2020
Intermediate Featured Tutorial
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Low poly looks and polygon styles! With just a handful of Deformers and Modifiers, you can create endless polygon looks! In particular the Bevel Deformer creates a lot of interesting geometry. Then combine that with some Smoothing Deformer and a few other modifiers and there are SO many combinations!

Final scene files via Patreon

Poly madness!

00:00:00 – Welcome!
00:01:44 – Looking at different styles
00:04:53 – Getting animation from Miximo and the Content Browser
00:07:35 – Polygon Reduction
00:09:53 – Random Effector Deformer
00:12:56 – Plain Effector Deformer
00:14:07 – Bevel Deformer
00:17:06 – Smoothing Deformer
00:18:08 – Fun ways to combine these. Exploring the possibilities
00:26:26 – PolyFX
00:27:34 – Baking out to Alembic for real-time playback
00:28:50 – Outro



Software used:
Cinema 4D S22

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