Crazy Accurate Speedy Dynamics: Cinema 4D Tutorial

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Oct 30th, 2020
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In this video, we’ll go over techniques for setting up dynamics for complex objects using super fast and accurate spheres. Additionally adding the challenge of a very small scene scale.

There is a “Fast Forward” version of this tutorial that gets to the meat of the concept assuming you already know C4D pretty well. Let me know what you think of it!

Final scene files via Patreon


00:01:13 – Context
00:03:42 – Dynamic Settings, Connector, and Motor
00:10:40 – Torque talk
00:13:30 – Second Gear
00:15:09 – Collision Types and Dynamic Visualization
00:17:22 – Third Gear, increasing gear ratio
00:21:36 – Importance of Density and Mass
00:30:33 – Building Sphere based proxies
00:36:32 – Why is the Compound Collision Shape jittering?
00:41:24 – Update the rest of the gears
00:51:02 – Customize the gears. It doesn’t affect the dynamics!
00:54:10 – Other places you could go with this idea
00:56:20 – Outro



Software used:
Cinema 4D S22

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