Fast Accurate Breaking Dynamic Chains

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Oct 30th, 2020
Intermediate Tutorial
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In this tutorial for Cinema 4D we will use dynamics objects to create a realistic breaking chain! Follow up to this now defunct tutorial. Using Spheres to create a fast calculating chain links. Then in part II we use some tricks with Connectors to make the link bendable. A bit of Xpresso as well.

Final scene files via Patreon


00:00:15 – New home for Rocket Lasso Live Archives
00:00:58 – Problems with the old method
00:02:09 – Building a low poly compound shape
00:07:24 – Dynamic Tag settings
00:08:49 – Final geometry via a Tracer Object
00:11:18 – Getting final geometry to easily travel with the Dynamic version trick
00:12:51 – Making the link into a chain (that does NOT need to be made editable)
00:16:22 – Stress testing the chain / linking to another dynamic object
00:21:32 – Quick “breaking” of these chains
00:22:04 – Bringing dynamic objects to life with Follow Position
00:24:32 – Making a Compound Collision shape to link to
00:29:54 – Outro


00:00:54 – Creating the low poly geometry
00:03:39 – Setting Dynamics
00:05:12 – Setting up Connectors… with a twist!
00:09:12 – The logic of this Connector setup
00:14:48 – Force it to break
00:17:27 – Break. Unbreak. Break again. Xpresso!
00:26:56 – Testing the setup
00:34:02 – Final geometry from break link
00:39:30 – Integrating with the other dynamic links
01:01:05 – Automatically create one breaking link per chain
01:17:50 – Outro



Software used:
Cinema 4D S22

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