Bottomless Destruction with Fields in Cinema 4D

Posted by Chris Schmidt on Jul 24th, 2020
Advanced Tutorial
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In this Cinema 4D tutorial, Chris walks through the process of creating a collapsing pit using Voronoi Fracture and Fields. This is the first in a series of advanced dynamics tutorials with the goal of making dynamics more art-directable. After the completion of the rig, we jump into Redshift and using a couple of plugins to “quickly” make a final setup for animation.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:37 – Simplified Dynamic Voronoi Fracture system
00:09:39 – Simplified growth system with Fields & Freeze
00:20:20 – Fields!!! Building a growth system into a VertexMap Tag
00:39:19 – Transfer VertexMap to Dynamics
00:39:56 – Collapsing Plane with Dynamics driven by the VertexMap
00:48:30 – Drive the Voronoi chunks with the dynamic Plane
00:57:10 – Create small cracks ahead of falling chunks
01:04:44 – Drive some randomness ahead of falling chunks
01:16:58 – Use splines to drive large cracks way ahead of chunks
01:38:29 – Tweaking the overall setup
01:45:39 – Adding extra little chunks

Rendering In Redshift!

01:49:57 – Adding light and materials from GSG tools
01:57:43 – Adding displacement to chunks with Redshift
02:07:04 – Hiding the displacement until it needs to be revealed
02:18:29 – Tweaking VertexMaps
02:22:34 – Recap of various tweaks. Adding a circular limiter shape
02:26:23 – “Baking” VertexMap to stop refresh trouble
02:29:09 – Outro, and making it your own
02:30:04 – Support Rocket Lasso



Software used:
Cinema 4D
And from Greyscalegorilla:
EDM Collection

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