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In these training videos, you’ll see step by step details on the Recall double-click workflow and so much more.

Recall Quickstart & Use-Cases

Installing Mac & PC

Intro to Recall & the Double-Click Workflow

Customizing your Icons

Staying Organized with the Notes Tab

Changing Default Settings

Using Recall to Replace Other Objects

Object, Hierarchy, & Keyframes Modes

Relink to External Option

Adopt PSRs & Replace Children Options



  • What versions of Cinema 4D does Recall work on?
    • Recall works with Cinema 4D R18 and above.
    • Recall is compatible with Mac & PC.
  • How many computers can I install Recall on?
    • One license of Recall entitles you to one install on a tower and one on a laptop. Looking for a group License? Contact us.
  • Does Recall work with other plugins? X-Particles? Octane? Redshift? Arnold? Etc?
    • Yup.
  • What happens if I send a file to someone who doesn’t have Recall?
    • C4D will pop up a warning that there is a missing plugin, and the Recall tags will show question marks. However, the file will continue to work and render as normal. Even if the file is then saved, when it is returned to a machine that has Recall installed it will automatically work again (assuming the tags weren’t deleted by the user).
  • Can I send a file with Recall to render farm?
    • Yes, by its nature as a workflow tool, Recall doesn’t have any effect on a scene file outside of a user triggering it. While a render farm might send a warning about a missing plugin, it would still render just fine.
    • To avoid a warning from a render farm you could select any Recall tag and click the “Clear All Recall Tags” button. Of course, all the tags will be gone forever in that case.
  • Find a bug?
    • Please contact us and let us know so we can fix it!


  • Recall is compatible with Cinema R18 and above.
  • Recall works on Mac and PC
  • Recall works alongside your favorite plugins like X-Particles and 3rd party Renderers


One license of Recall entitles you to one install on a tower and one on a laptop.


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