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Posted by Chris Schmidt on Feb 01st, 2021
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The new Rocket Lasso website is up! There are additional features to be rolled out over time, but for now the new blog, tutorial archive, community sections, and more are up!

The blog will be the main place I post public news. There are already a few things there. For you Patreon supporters I’ve put together a master list of the Rocket Lasso Live scene files links for easy access (I know it’s tough to get to older posts on Patreon)

The Tutorial Archive is a searchable collection of every tutorial and live stream I’ve made since starting Rocket Lasso. We’ve also added some custom tech to be able to add time-codes to jump to specific parts of tutorials in page!

Tech Support page to contact us for official plugin trouble.Countdown timer to the next live stream with an embedded live stream page so when I’m live you can see it right there. Also the site should display a special banner every time I’m streaming.

An experimental new Community Page so that you can join in the Rocket Lasso Slack, and where community leaders can make posts about upcoming Slack challenges and contests, and community articles!

Keep an eye out for any bugs or weirdness, especially on different browsers! We’ll probably have some rollout bumps smooth over and likely some design tweaks. It’s taken awhile to get this out there but I’m pumped it’s here now!See you in a live stream soon!